• Kylie Hodges

    Kylie Hodges has hosted 16 episodes.

    Hi! I'm Kylie - novice to cooking, but long time lover of eating, and people - but not eating people. I was born and raised in Madison, WI on a strict diet of beer and cheese until I drove the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for 1 year across the country as their spokesperson, then I added hot dogs to my diet. After I parked the Big Dog for good, I moved to Los Angeles and met Omar, and our relationship grew as we found a place that we loved to grow together - in the kitchen! I've always loved talking to people and have covered plenty of red carpets in my day here in LA, but getting to sit down and share a lengthy conversation with someone over a good meal cannot be beat anywhere else. Thanks for listening to Foodie Call, please reach out in the comments or on social media and introduce yourself! Love, Ketchup Kylie

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  • Omar Nava

    Omar Nava has hosted 16 episodes.

    Hello world! I'm Omar of Kylie's Instagram Stories fame. When not ruining her web presence, I'm making people laugh as a stand up comedian and writer. In other words, I'll be the color commentator for this here podcast! Originally from El Paso, TX, I moved to Houston to learn engineering stuff then to Michigan to get paid for said engineering stuff. Winter wasn't my thing so I came out to LA where I met Kylie and we've been cooking ever since! Once a year I make my mom's Chile con Queso and invite friends over because we love how food brings people together. But also I do it on my birthday as a way to trick people into celebrating with me. With that in mind, Foodie Call is about food but really it's our way of tricking hilarious, cool, & interesting people into hanging out with us. Thanks for listening and let us know what you think!

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